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Dear Focus on the Family...
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Admin Amy has been incredible to come alongside us just like they are part of our full-time team! Adding support without the need to hire another full-time position has been a game changer. 

Kanakuk Ministries
International Ministry For Over 450,000 Youth

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Meet Erin Anne

Director of Social Media & Marketing


It's such a fast-paced world in 2022, and lots of businesses and professionals feel pressure to respond to messages, emails, comments, and DMs in a moment's notice (thanks, iPhone). 

Communication shouldn't be stressful, and it's important to me that business owners, professionals, directors, and CEOs have a chance to put their phone down to reconnect with those around them.

I specialize in many areas, including social media marketing, graphic design, advertising, email communication, and more! I'm ready to sit down with my cup of coffee beside me, and three monitors in front of me, and help you grow your business!

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