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How to Run Your Business AND Have a Life, Too.

If there is one thing I am passionate about, it is making sure people don't miss important moments in their lives. Time is such a precious asset that is so valuable, and is the main reason I started my company back in 2013. There are few greater joys in this life than to give somebody something they can never get back.

I wanted to share a few tips with you on how to run your business, and not miss important moments in life too.

  1. Know that you need self-care, family time, and rest like you need air. If there's one thing we as entrepreneurs do, it's work crazy hours just to get it all done. According to Inc., 25% of entrepreneurs log more than 60 hours per week. What is required is a serious paradigm shift! The last thing you want to do is wake up one day and realize you didn't save enough time for the people that really matter. Action Step #1: Get out your calendar right now and prioritize three 30-minute meetings with the three people who matter most to you in life for next month. Surely you can find 90 minutes in a 43,800 minute month! That's .002% of your time. "The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities." -Stephen Covey

  2. Delegate, delegate, delegate - even delegate the process of delegating If you are having trouble finding the time, money, or trust to delegate your tasks to someone else, you are not alone! It took me NINE years to finally hire a full-time assistant. I think part of the reason was because my priorities were to get the urgent work done now, by myself. I actually had to ask someone to keep me accountable to getting the help I need. Essentially I even had to delegate the process of delegating and I got help getting an amazing job description on Indeed, interviewing, and ultimately picking the perfect assistant. They are out there, but it requires work and possibly even partnership with someone else to find them! #WorthIt Shameless plug: Admin Amy can take almost anything off your plate (with excellence, promise!), so be sure to check out my list of services and see where we can save you time. Action Step #2: Ask a friend or family member if they would be willing to help you with the hiring process. Perhaps you can hire them for a couple hours over the next week or two to keep you accountable, help you get an amazing job posting online, and provide their opinion. Partnership is so valuable!

  3. If you can't delegate, automate. I think I missed my calling as a poet! But I digress. If you are not quite at the point yet where you can delegate, then it's time to automate. Start by making a list of every task you've done this week, and then do a little research to see if anything can be automated. Even if it costs money, make it worth it. Calculate how much time it is saving you, and use that amount of time to work on growing your business. You'd be no worse off and it'd be a worthwhile investment. One thing I automate is my messages to my clients once I finish their project. I simply hit "done", and automatically sends a message to my client with the link to their completed project. It is beautiful. Action Step #3: Try the free version of! It saved me so much time and sanity that it was so worth it for me to sign up. Plus, it's risk free so you've got nothing to lose but all the automations you can fathom to gain!

The key here first is convincing yourself that you are worth it. You were not meant to be just a working machine, but you were meant to live life, live it with purpose, and live it to the fullest. I implore you to believe that without a shadow of a doubt so that points #2 and #3 become more of a priority to you than ever before. You've got this, and if you need to send me a message letting me know how it's going, let me be your motivation!

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