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Updated: Feb 21

All right, friends, here's your challenge! We all experience burnout at some time or other and if we're being honest, you're probably a little burnt out even right now. Research shows that a healthy balance of fun increases creativity, productivity, and engagement…so it’s time to give yourself permission! SO NOW FOR THE CHALLENGE Pick 1 thing off this list, and do it some time this week. I don't care how busy you (think) you are, how scary it may seem, or how tired you may feel. Pick 1 thing (at random is more fun by picking a number between 1-25 before you look at the list below), and make it your TOP priority to complete over the week. Comment and tell me about your experience with a picture, and you just may receive a gift card in your email inbox!


1. Tie-dye a t-shirt

2. Make slime

3. Use your phone to shoot a movie (I can help you edit it, just call me)

4. Play a board game from your childhood

5. Attend a murder mystery, or host one if there are none to attend

6. Turn your living room into an indoor camping trip (tip – sleeping bags, a campfire on your TV, cricket sound effects, glow in the dark stars, and a candle that smells like a fireplace are key.)

7. Have ice cream for dinner

8. Call someone that makes you laugh so hard you cry

9. Complete an escape room

10. Go to a coffee shop and for your order, tell them to surprise you

11. Make homemade ice cream

12. Go bowling

13. Put on some dance music and have a dance party in your house

14. Rearrange the furniture in your house

15. Go to a local playground and get on the swings

16. Attend a local sports game and cheer, cheer, cheer!

17. Have a retro movie marathon

18. Attend a community play

19. Go out dancing

20. Go buy 10 magazines and cut out images/words to create a vision board.

21. Play with LEGOs

22. Get glammed up and have a photoshoot

23. Go to an aquarium

24. Plan a vacation…doesn’t matter if you can go, just plan it because that's the first step (and a fun one!)

25. Try a science experiment

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