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Three Foolproof Tips for Picking a Business Name

One of the biggest compliments I get on my company is actually my business name—Admin Amy! The imposter syndrome is strong here on this because I literally came up with it in five minutes and although I put little work into the idea, it stuck so well that I have actually begrudgingly accepted that it is also my new nickname. But since the name did so well, I wanted to give you some tips to make yours memorable as well:

  1. Make sure it embodies your brand Sometimes you have just one five-second shot to let your potential client/customer know who you are and what you do, and your business name is the first thing people see and should NOT one to be wasted. I know of a business owner in my area who calls herself the Cheeky Accountant and it is super cute, and she has been perfectly lovely the few times I met her, but if I had been Googling accountants in the area I would probably pass her right by. This is because as a customer, it doesn't matter to me if you are cheeky or not. It matters to me whether you can get me a big tax return. And I might even be worried I'd get some smart-mouthed comment that I spend almost as much on coffee as I do rent. (Do not judge me.)

  2. Alliteration "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers..." Chances are if you were introduced to this fun tongue twister as a child, you'll be able to finish the next sentence! There's a reason why alliteration is so memorable. In fact, studies show a strong connection between alliteration and memory, even more-so than imagery. If you can do this without crossing the cheesy line, then you need to go get yourself a laptop right now from Best Buy (stop at Krispy Kreme on the way though for some fuel), and start accepting some clients who can pay you via PayPal and get going! Oh, and you may want to use Constant Contact to build your client list. 😉

  3. Go for Catchy and Simple This is especially important in the era of social media....if I want to look up a brand on Instagram, I need to be able to remember the name of the company and maybe it's just me, but you can bet I can't remember more than five or six syllables at a time! It's also less to type into a web browser to get to a website (especially on a phone).

Bonus Tip...once you do have three or four names picked out, do a domain name search and see if you can get a .com. I always feel bad for people who have a great business name but it's .net or worse, not even their business name because the domain wasn't available.

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