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Proposal for Services

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Hello, SHRM NYS!

Are you ready to start a new chapter with your social media?

I understand how challenging it is to need support, but not be sure what you can budget, how much time you have to train, or even where to start with all that needs to be delegated. I know where you're coming from because I have worked with dozens of professionals in your very same situation. It's hard to find someone you can trust to turn around an amazing product at an affordable price. That is why in October of 2013 I launched Admin Amy, a business designed to help CRUSH people's to-do lists. I have a natural knack for admin, I love what I do, and I get so much joy from giving people time back in their lives and making them look good at the same time!

So...let’s crush that list!

Our happy clients.

Kelly Merbler

Principal, The Kelly Merbler Company

My first hire and my best hire! Admin Amy was the best decision I made for my business as a solo entrepreneur. My kryptonite is structure and organization and that is exactly what Admin Amy's superpowers are. My business got better the day I started working with Amy and four years later, it has reached a whole new level. Amy operates under values that align with my own: integrity, excellence in service, and trust. A company is only as good as its people, and Amy is not a contractor in my eyes, she is family at this point.

Meet your team.

At Admin Amy, we're more than just a corporation; we're a cohesive team dedicated to providing personalized support and tailored solutions for your needs. With us, you'll experience the warmth and efficiency of a tight-knit group working together to exceed your expectations.

A client portal designed for you.

Gain unprecedented control and insight with our 24/7 client portal access. Here, you can provide feedback, track your projects, and witness real-time updates as they happen. Experience transparency and collaboration like never before, ensuring your projects are always on track and meeting your expectations.

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Pricing packages.

Amy's Recommendations for SHRM NYS:

  • Either The Trendsetter, The Influencer, or The Mover and Shaker with the following á la carte options:

    • 3 additional platforms (4 total: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)​​

    • Acted reels, I'd recommend anywhere from 1-4 per month

Gain more exposure with our social media packages tailored for individuals and businesses. Elevate your online presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn with expert strategies designed to expand your reach and drive engagement.

🥉 The Trendsetter


✔️ One social media platform

✔️ Content creation for up to 10 posts/month (includes graphic design, captioning, and creating scripts)

✔️ Posting the content to your social(s)

Engagement with your audience

✔️ $50 in ad credits to boost your posts to a broader audience

Video/reel editing for up to 4 reels/month

✔️ Quarterly analytics

✔️ 24/7 client portal access

🥈 The Influencer


✔️ Everything in The Trendsetter, PLUS:

✔️ 5 more posts per month (15 total)

✔️ $25 more in ad credits ($75 total)

✔️ One á la carte option of your choice

🥇 The Mover & Shaker


✔️ Everything in The Influencer, PLUS:

✔️ 5 more posts per month (20 total)

✔️ $25 more in ad credits ($100 total)

✔️ One more á la carte option of your choice (2 total, mix and match or stack them)

✔️ 25% off all a la carté options

Á la Carte Options

✔️ Additional reel - $50/reel
Client sends footage, we will edit the video together and schedule it to your social(s).

✔️ Additional acted reel - $150/reel (recommended for you)
We will hire a professional actor to star in your reel, write the content, edit the video together, and schedule it to your social(s).

✔️ Additional posts - $50/set of 5

We will design the graphic and/or edit the photography, write the captions, and strategically schedule it to your social(s).


✔️ Additional platform - $75/platform

(recommended for you)
We will revise the current strategy and post the content to one other social account.

✔️ Live Chat - $99/month
Access to a live chat with the Admin Amy team anytime from Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm CST for consultation (text, audio, and video messaging available).

✔️ Influencer Collaboration - $99/month*
Reaching out to influencers, building relationships, and hiring them to promote your product or service.

*Plus Influencer's fee


Contact Amy

Thank you so much for considering our proposal! Please regard this as a discussion document, and contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

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