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About Us

Admin Amy is dedicated to assisting businesses, professionals, and every day people with their administrative or design needs.

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Meet Amy Joan

Owner, Lead Admin Consultant, & Lead Design Consultant 


I believe that the heart of an entrepreneur is to use their talents and expertise to HELP people. In my case, I wanted to be able to ease other's burdens. Let's face is BUSY. Too many people lie awake at night thinking of everything they have to do. I want to be the one who provides relief from that.

That is why in October of 2013 I launched Admin Amy, a business designed to help CRUSH people's to-do lists. I am a computer ninja, pretty much 😜 and have also been so affectionally nicknamed the "grammar police" by those closest to me. I help clients with their data entry, e-blasts, PowerPoints, graphic design, social media, and much name it! I love what I do and get so much joy from giving people time back in their lives and making them look good at the same time!

So...let's crush that list


Meet Erin Anne

Director of Social Media & Marketing


It's such a fast-paced world in 2023, and lots of businesses and professionals feel pressure to respond to messages, emails, comments, and DMs in a moment's notice (thanks, iPhone). 

Communication shouldn't be stressful, and it's important to me that business owners, professionals, directors, and CEOs have a chance to put their phone down to reconnect with those around them.

I specialize in many areas, including social media marketing, graphic design, advertising, email communication, and more! I'm ready to sit down with my cup of coffee beside me, and three monitors in front of me, and help you grow your business!

Meet Addison Dake

Executive Assistant


We all have that friend who is a little too organized, totally obsessed with their routine, and always making a million different lists. Oh, and you better not touch their stuff because it’s EXACTLY how they want it. Yeah, I’m that friend. 😉


After graduating from Missouri State University, I wanted to find a position where I could put both my skills and my passions to good use, and being an Executive Assistant allows me to do just that. Now I get to organize my little heart out all day long and be a friendly face to help you with your business needs along the way. 

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