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Let's get you booked SOLID!

You're just as talented as them.

You are working just as hard…if not harder.

But their calendars are booked solid while yours is starting to gather cobwebs.

Here's the good news — you’re not the problem! You just have to learn the three key strategies that they're probably not sharing with you.

By the way, I LOVE seeing my clients apply these techniques to get their calendars booked SOLID!

Now it's your turn!

1. ✋ SMOOTH the way.

Someone will only book you if it's SUPER easy and clear for them to do so. How do you do this?

Well, there are many tactics at play, but here are the game-changers:

Post your booking webpage EVERYWHERE. Your LinkedIn bio, your email signature, put a QR code on your business cards, tattoo it on your forehead! (Kidding). But seriously, if they can't find your site, they will move right along. If you had to look more than 10 seconds for a call-to-action, would you keep searching, or would you be more likely to give up? 🤔

Another great idea is to use Calendly so that they can choose exactly the time that works for them. If they have to go back and forth with your assistant, they'll likely check right out. Plus, this makes it easy for them to reschedule if something comes up. Clients LOVE the convenience of booking appointments themselves.

2. 🎯 Target those pain points. What do people in your niche audience ALWAYS say? Write down every...little...thing you hear. Every complaint, every concern…everything. It might even help for you to join a Facebook networking group and see what the common themes are in your niche audience that people are writing about. Then, list those problems on your website or social media. Empathize with them and let them know you know how they're feeling. Then offer to give them solutions for these common problems.

3. 😁 SHOW YOUR LOVELY FACE! It’s time to show yourself on social media! I would never, ever want to enter a business relationship with someone I don't know or trust. You don't want to be that mysterious person behind the screen that never makes him/herself known. Think about it, when you go on social media, would you rather see a graphic advertisement, or a friend? 🤯

Not sure what to say? Well, what is it about you that other people love? Ask 2-3 people who are close to you, and then highlight those features of your personality in all of your posting. Post often, and let go of those lies that you might believe that are holding you back from letting the world get to know BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL YOU. 😘

🔥 Now it's your turn to get BOOKED.

Book a discovery call with me (see what I did there? 😉) so we can talk about how I can CHECK OFF that to-do list so that you can focus on booking your calendar SOLID.

❤️ And also, a gentle ask…if you found this helpful, please follow @adminamy on Instagram to grow your company and learn how to focus on what matters in your business!

You’ve got this!

Amy Joan

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