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This is incredibly frustrating!

In the world of entrepreneurship, one of the most frustrating dilemmas—that I have faced personally— is the classic catch-22: You can't make more money until you hire help, but you can't hire help until you make more money. This is one of the most maddening paradoxes that a business owner can face. Super frustrating! Like, what do you do to save time?!

Here are a couple tips that worked for me, and I hope they help you too!

1. Automate your life.

Automate every little thing you can...even if it only takes you two minutes every two weeks. Those small tasks add up majorly, giving you a little extra time to grow your business. Some automations I've implemented are:

  • Getting a robot vacuum and having it run every night in the middle of the night

  • Automating payments and transfers

  • Finding a software that can save me some time. For example, Calendly for scheduling

  • Getting an Alexa to turn my lights on and off for me every night

  • Scheduling my security system to activate every night and turn off every morning

  • Using to create some if/then recipes to automate repetitive tasks

Of course, this is just a few ideas that work for me. But these tasks alone save me 30 minutes to an hour every week!

2. Don't think you have to hire full time or even part time help

Start small. Some companies (like mine, hint hint!) let you purchase as few as 5 hours of work per month. You can always move up from there, but this is a way better option than trying to find an employee who will be available and committed to you for such a small amount of time. Plus, this also saves you the headache of trying to figure out payroll, human resources compliance, etc. Major time-suckers!

3. Consider hiring help in your personal life 

If you can't quite swing making a hire in your business, what if you made a hire to support you personally? I did this before hiring employees of my own. I could've spent hours trying to find an employee who would work for me for 1 hour per week, or I could hire a company to clean my house for one hour per week. That gave me one more hour to work on my business. But there are much cheaper ways to delegate your personal tasks as well. Did you know you could spend just $10/month and get unlimited deliveries from Walmart? (I will NEVER go back). 

4. Think at it as an investment, not a luxury

When I hit a roadblock in my business, and couldn't work one more minute without breaking, I realized that I was never, ever going to grow unless I took a faith-filled risk and hired an employee. Since making the hire, I have implemented a coaching program and opened an online store, both which have the capacity for tremendous growth. I would have never been able to do this if I hadn't hired my two amazing employees. I love the quote, "if you want something you've never had, you've got to do something you've never done."

If you want some more advice on how you can get some extra time

in your week to grow your business, let me know! I'll brainstorm with you and we will figure this out together!

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