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Fill your doggy treat jar!

This year, I decided to roll with an amazing idea I saw on social media somewhere. The challenge is that in the beginning of the year, you are supposed to take a container of some sort, and fill it with good things that happened that year. So I repurposed my dog’s jar of treats (so glamorous), got a yellow sticky note pad, and put it on my kitchen shelf.

As of the time I write this blog it is March 2, 2023 and this morning as I was getting ready for work, I happened to look over at it, and there was one…pathetic…little sticky note in the jar. Did I really go through two entire months of 2023 with only one amazing thing happening to me?

Full transparency here, I know exactly why this happened. When I asked myself “why did only one good thing happen to me?” it hit me at that moment that I asked the wrong question. I should've asked, "why did I only let one good thing happen?" I remembered that I can’t wait around for good things to happen to me. I have to go get them.

There are three kinds of people in this world: people who make it happen, people who watch what happens, and people who wonder what happened.

– Tommy Lasorda

My passion is to help busy entrepreneurs and professionals take things off of their plate so that they can enjoy their life, but I would be remiss if I didn’t set the example myself and work on ALL of my areas of wellness: Emotional, Physical, Occupational, Social, Spiritual, Intellectual, Environmental, Recreational, and Financial.

In which one of these areas are you making things happen?

Which ones are you watching happen for other people?

Which ones are you sitting there wondering, what happened?

It’s time to make our doggy treat jars turn YELLOW! It’s not too late to start for 2023. Are you with me?

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